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Uniball Upper Control Arms for 98-07 Landcruiser 100 & LX470


The short-comings of OE IFS:

In 1998 Toyota released the all new 100 series Land Cruiser to replace its solid axle 80 series models.  While providing a much smoother and better handling on road ride, the IFS proved to be very limited in suspension travel.   Most “lift kits” for the IFS setup simply raise the frontend by means of adjusting/replacing the torsion bars, which actually leaves you with less down-travel.  This is because even aftermarket suspension kits utilize stock length shocks.  The problem is now that the preloaded suspension will fully extend the shocks when driving over rough roads and potholes, riding poorly, and leading to premature shock failure.  The only way to improve suspension travel is to run longer than stock shocks.  The factory upper control arms become a limiter as they will hit the shock body if using longer shocks.  With raised suspension height the OE upper balljoint will operate at excessive angle and wider tires many times will not clear the factory upper control arms, and require spacers to be fitted.  The OE balljoint also can separate if a shock were to break, leading to catastrophic failure of suspension, steering, and CV axle.  To replace the OE upper ball joints, you must purchase the whole arm from Toyota, and cost per pair is nearly what he heavy duty Uniball arms cost.





  • Solves the extreme ball joint angle of the stock arms the uniball cup is clocked to run level on vehicles with 2-3" additional ride height. 
  • With the proper shock setup, this allows up to 50% increase in down travel over suspension kits that use stock length shocks.
  • The arms are 100% BOLT-ON using a taper adapter to fit in the stock tapered balljoint location in spindle. That's right no drilling, no welding, no tapping. Arms allow for proper alignment.
  • They are also fully serviceable, as the bushings and uniballs can easily be replaced.  The upper bushings include zerk fittings, and each pair includes DuPont Silicone/Teflon spray lube, for quiet squeak-free operation. 
  • Made in USA, TIG Welded, Chromoly DOM tubing for strength versus the flimsy OEM stamped steel arms.
  • This design allows for a lower profile, thus providing additional clearance for larger tires, and/or larger/ longer shocks.
  • The arms utilize a 1" I.D. Teflon lined uniball which has been proven strong, reliable, and long lasting, for years in all areas of use from Highway, to Baja trucks and more.