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Trail Can Utility Tool Box

Manufacturer: Rampage Products
SKU: RP86619
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Trail Can Utility Tool Box

Let's face it, there just never seems to be enough storage space in your vehicle.   Unless you count those loose tools you have rolling around under your seat.  When you need them, you spend more time looking for them and cleaning the dirt/soda/rust off of them then you do using them.  That's if you can even find them at all!

Maybe you have enough space to stow a tool box in the back somewhere.  This is better - but usually you end up with a ton of other stuff on top of it so you're still digging to get at your tools.   And unless you lash it down you run the risk of that thing floating around the cabin and slamming into your head in the event of a rollover. Big heavy items inside the cab with you are dangerous.

Here is the solution to all of your problems:  The "Trail Can" utility tool box!   It looks like a 5 gallon "gerry can".  It's even the same size as a gas can so that it attaches to any rack you might already have on your bumper or tire rack.  But it's actually a storage container - with very cool features to make organizing and getting at your tools fast and safe!  Just check this out...

  • Locking lid to secure the contents
  • Lift out tool/tote tray
  • To removeable drawers so you can carry the tools to the problem
  • Screw driver storage slots
  • Non-slip soft liners included!
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Powder coated finish for long lasting good looks
  • Fits five gallon jerry can mounts.  It even has the lip along the bottom edge like a real gas can.   So mounts designed to hook onto this bottom edge will still function. 
  • Perfect if you have a dual gas can rack on your vehicle.  Have 5 gallons of gas on one side, and all of your tools (or anything you need to store) on the other!
  • "Trail Can" dimensions are 18"x13"x6"
  • Patent Pending technology

Great gift idea!   Order yours today and be the first in your group of friends to show off this innovative invention.

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