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Tacoma Front Frame Reinforcement Kit

Manufacturer: Trail Gear
SKU: TG120164-1-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 120164-1-KIT
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Tacoma Front Frame Reinforcement Kit

No matter if you are pre-running, rock crawling, or just mall crawling, your 95 1/2 to 2004 Tacoma frame is a weak link in an otherwise tough and dependable truck. The portion of your frame from the door to the front bumper is only about .095" thick, which is about 3/32", or a little thicker than a nickel. That means that rocks, rust, dunes, or even curbs put your frame at risk of bending, cracking, orĀ  breaking.

Trail-Gear has an easy and affordable answer for this problem, our Tacoma Front Frame Reinforcement Kit. This kit will strengthen your frame with 3/16" thick frame reinforcement plates that gusset the frame from the front body mount to the VIN number plate, virtually eliminating any weak spots in your frame.

Note: This will not work with IFS.


  • Different sizes ranging from small to XXX-Large
  • Black or white

Application Data

  • 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma (All Engines)
TG120164-1-KIT 120164-1-KIT