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Tacoma Firewall Plate

Manufacturer: Trail Gear
SKU: TG130092-1-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 130092-1-KIT

Tacoma Firewall Kit

When doing a solid axle conversion on a Tacoma, you are required to remove the OEM rack and pinion steering system, which leaves a large hole in your firewall. Our Tacoma firewall plate fills that hole and bolts into the OEM fastener locations. This kit takes all the work out of this area of the project and cuts a 2 hour job down to 10 minutes.

If you need guidance, please see the Tacoma SAS Kit instructions, starting at step 102.


  • Designed to fill the void when removing the rack and pinion

Application Data

  • 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma (All Engines)
TG130092-1-KIT 130092-1-KIT