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Suzuki / Toyota Headlight Relay/Wiring Harness Kit

Manufacturer: Roadless Gear
SKU: RG229

If you are upgrading your Samurai and Toyota Pickup headlights to high output H4 bulbs or H4 LED you will need a conversion harness built just for this purpose.   (please see our LED/DRL/Turn Signal combination headlights at the link below)

High output bulbs require a relay style harness to deliver the necessary power.  Your factory wiring can not make the most of aftermarket bulbs.  Even worse, LED headlights are usually not designed to work at all with the ground switching system found on these models.  Most LED headlights will only function on one side or be stuck on High or Low.

BEWARE: These are not the same harnesses that others are selling as "Universal" kits.  These are specifically designed to fix the problems in Samurai and Toyota Pickup headlight upgrades.

This H4 Relay Harness will plug into the factory wiring harness on Suzuki Samurai and 79-85 Toyota Pickup and 4Runner.  These are able to provide the power needed for headlights from IPF, Hella and others.  Simply hook up power and 2 grounds and then connect your old headlight plugs into this harness.

Features Fused and Relay protection for headlight harness.

NOTE:  Make sure your LED Headlights are intended for H4 applications.  This harness will not work with 4656 or similar bulb standards without some modification.