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Silicone Adapters

Manufacturer: Trail Gear

Silicone Adapters & Couplers

Building your own custom air intake or cooling system?  Trail-Gear is proud to offer the same silicone adapters and couplers that we use on our own Extreme Air Intake line.  We have the most popular sizes, including the hard-to-find 2.5" to 2.81" adapter that fits the Mass Airflow Sensor on the Toyota Pickup/4Runner 22RE engine.

Our silicone adapters and couplers are made out of 1/8" thick, polyester fabric reinforced silicone, which meets or exceeds SAE J20 Standards. These adapters and couplers can withstand temperatures of -20°F to 350°F.  Each adapter has a high-gloss black finish that will look great under the hood.

Caution – For air or coolant only. Not for use with fuel or oil.

Available Options:

  • 2.5" ID/2.5" ID, 3" Long Coupler, 186086-KIT
  • 2.5" ID/2.75" ID, 3" Long Coupler, 186087-KIT
  • 2.5" ID/3" ID, 3" Long Coupler, 186088-KIT
  • 2.5" ID/2.81" ID, 2.5" Long Coupler, 180199-KIT


  • Made out of 1/8” thick, polyester fabric reinforced silicone, which meets or exceeds SAE J20 Standards
  • Withstand temperatures of -20°F to 350°F
  • High-gloss black finish

Application Data

  • Non-vehicle specific
TG186086-KIT 186086-KITTG186087-KIT 186087-KITTG180199-KIT 180199-KITTG186088-KIT 186088-KIT
Picture of Adapter,2.5" Id/2.75" Id,3"Long,Silicone
Adapter,2.5" Id/2.75" Id,3"Long,Silicone
SKU: TG186087-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 186087-KIT
Picture of Adapter,2.5" Id/2.81"Id,2.5"Long,Silicone
Adapter,2.5" Id/2.81"Id,2.5"Long,Silicone
SKU: TG180199-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 180199-KIT
Picture of Adapter,2.5" Id/2.5" Id,3"Long,Silicone
Adapter,2.5" Id/2.5" Id,3"Long,Silicone
SKU: TG186086-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 186086-KIT
Picture of Adapter,2.5" Id/3" Id,3"Long,Silicone
Adapter,2.5" Id/3" Id,3"Long,Silicone
SKU: TG186088-KIT
Manufacturer part number: 186088-KIT