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Rear Drop Shackle System for Toyota Chevy Leaf Conversion


A drop-shackle system for Sky's popular Chevy Leaf Spring Swap (TOY-CSP-001). After 3 years of testing prototypes from simple factory stacked shackles, which fail due to weak material, to much more complicated options, they have produced a cost effective, functional and strong kit to do exactly that. This kit converts 79-95 Toyota Mini Truck (Hilux) and 95-04 Tacoma rear leaf springs to popular 62" Chevy leaf springs. Less shackle hanging down to hit obstacles in the rear helps avoid bent springs, broken drive train parts and generally getting stuck and holding up the trial.

Kit requires welding, relocation of suspension components and general suspension geometry knowledge. This kit has been used on Toyota leaf springs, and for that application requires shimming the rear shackle 1/8" and moving the shackle hanger forward approximately 4.5" from stock. For added comfort a set of Sky’s low profile poly bump stops are recommended to keep shackles from slapping frame.

  • Drop style shackle with internal anti-inversion stop allows extra drop and more suspension travel. Drop Shackles promote less sway caused from longer shackles utilizing stock shackle locations. This leads to a control problem on the road and trail.

  • Utilizes Sky’s popular Leaf Spring Hanger kit; tested and proven on the trail to be strong enough to stand up to whatever abuse you can throw at them.

  • All necessary grade 5 harware is included.