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Exhaust Jack

Manufacturer: Roadless Gear
SKU: RG801

The Roadless Gear Exhaust Jack!

The BEST jack for street, snow, mud or sloping ground!


  • 4 Ton capacity. Lifts vehicle a whopping 2 FEET in the air! Yet can be compressed to almost fully flat to easily fit under your vehicle if you are buried in soft terrain.
  • Perfect for lifting your vehicle when you are buried up to the axles in snow, sand, mud or whatever.
  • Simple to use! No complicated moving parts to jam, seize or lubricate. Anybody can use this. Men. Women. Teenagers. Put one in the wife's SUV or your daughters car.
  • Safe to use! Made from woven polyester material coated with PVC. This super strong material makes lifting your vehicle on any type of uneven surface simple. Double layered coating on the top and bottom of the bag provide further protection from unseen jagged or sharp edges or debris. Bottom of bag has integrated gripper feet to prevent slippage.
  • Fast to use! Lifts your vehicle in seconds. Features a reliable one way valve to hold pressure for hours. Release the valve for a smooth, easy and fast deflation.
  • Complete! Kit includes 4 protective mats to prevent punctures of the bag. Work gloves to protect your hands. A puncture repair kit in case the bag is ever damaged. And even a convenient carry case to neatly store the entire contents of the kit in your vehicle. And oh by the way - the carry case is roomy. Not one of those impossible to stuff everything back inside once you take it out the first time kind of bags like some of the others on the market.
  • Light weight. Weighs only 8 pounds. No more hauling that heavy Hi-Lift around. Only to have the base of it sink in the sand when try to use it. Anybody from teens to senior citizens can now safely and easily jack a vehicle up on ANY terrain!
  • Will not damage the vehicle. With only 0.7 atmospheric pressure your vehicle safely rises in seconds without risk of damage to your engine due to pressure build up, or damage to your body from the metal protuberances of a standard jack.

Loads of uses include...

  • Of course, the obvious use: changing tires.
  • Rotating tires. Lift the entire side of your vehicle at once. And do it easily, quickly and - most importantly - SAFELY!
  • Vehicle recovery from mud, sand, snow or any soft terrain. Quickly lift your vehicle. Fill the hole your tire has just dug. If possible place traction aiding material under the tire such as branches or a floor mat. Lower the vehicle and slowly proceed back the way you came.
  • Applying tire chains! No more installing chains one tire at a time. Lift the entire side of the vehicle, install the chains quickly, lower the vehicle and repeat for the other side. A real time saver!
  • Lifting trailers. Boat trailers. Cargo trailers. Car hauling trailers. You name it!
  • Stabilizing cargo in the bed or trailer.