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Dana 44 High Steer Arm

SKU: Dana44-HSA-001
Using a Dana 44 on your Toyota? Our Dana 44 steering arms are machined from billet steel blanks, no hot roll bar stock that can bend here. We taper them for Factory CFD taper washers, and Chevy/Ford/Dodge 1 Ton tie rod ends. They are available in a single hole style for those who just need crossover steering, and a 2 hole with second arm for full high steer. We have machined all edge's round to minimize stress risers, many arms do not have this feature.

Note: We do not Powder Coat Steering arms! Powder Coating steering arms is very Dangerous. Why, #1 because metal to metal contact area's should not have a weaker cushion between them to wear out, causing arms to become loose, and deadly. #2, Conical washers will not seat correctly, neither will your tie rods ends.

Price listed is for each