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5 Gallon Rotopax Style Gas Can / Traction Board

Manufacturer: Roadless Gear
SKU: RG728

Great for overland adventures and those who prefer not to hitchhike.   Holds 5 gallons of gas in unique polymer anti-static crash resistant container.

Designed with handles everywhere so no matter what orientation you need - it is easy to carry and pour.

Includes pour spout.

Includes TWO locking mounts with keys (Note:  locks not required for installation)

This thing is built Roadless Gear tough - it has been measured to withstand up to 2 TONS!   So can be used as a traction board in a pinch.

* Note: not for use with ethanol, methanol or water

* Note: please release pressure by loosening the vent occasionally.  Especially when you are changing altitude dramatically.